Gutters and Skylights

While inspecting your roof, we'll also look at gutters and skylights. Poorly installed or damaged gutters are just as harmful to your home as a leaking roof. Common problems include clogged gutters, gutters installed without proper slopes, and gutters not installed directly under the drip edge on low pitch roofs. The results are stagnant water within the gutter system, sagging gutters and water leaking on to the fascia behind the gutters, causing the wood to rot.
Skylights are notorious for leaks. If you have a newer skylight that leaks, it is often due to poor installation and not the skylights themselves.
10 Year Warranty —  Roofing Contractors in Wellsville, KS
If necessary, 5 Star Roofing can clean and fix your gutters, or replace them completely. We can also fix leaky skylights or install brand new ones.
Skylight — Roofing Services in Wellsville, KS
One of the best workmanship warranties in the Kansas City area
While most Kansas City area roofing contractors offer only 2 year workmanship warranties (don't confuse these with manufacturer's warranties),
5 Star Roofing has extended it's standard workmanship warranty to 10 full years! That's how confident we are of the quality of our work.
In addition, our materials manufacturers offer warranties on their shingles and tiles ranging from 20 years to the newest Limited Lifetime Warranties.
More about warranties.
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