It pays to have an expert on
your roof with an insurance adjuster

Did you know that most insurance claims in the U.S. are grossly underpaid? Even worse, many legitimate claims are completely denied. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your insurance company is out to cheat you. However, when it comes to spotting roof damage, we’ve spent a lot more time on rooftops than even an insurance adjuster.

5 Star Roofing claims specialists know what to look for regarding roof damage and may be able to see problems that the adjuster doesn't. We have worked with many insurance adjusters over the years and take a non-adversarial approach when talking with them. Let us represent you.

Hail damage example

Let’s say you have hail damage on your roof. A common practice for insurance companies is to mark a 10 ft by 10 ft square and count the number of hail marks. However, the section of roof they choose to measure can have a big impact on whether you get a new roof or your claim gets denied.

(To learn how hail damages a roof, check out our hail damage simulation video.)

The unnecessary claim example

Let's say you think you have a claim, so you call your insurance agent. After an inspection they decide that the damage is minimal and the insurance company will only cover the repair or won't cover the claim at all.

Had you already known this, it may have made more sense to just pay out-of-pocket for the damage or ignore the problem completely. However, now that a claim has been filed, that information will likely be added to your CLUE report, which is a five-year history of property-damage claims that could result in a rate increase or affect your ability to buy affordable insurance in the future.

If you suspect roof damage, call 5 Star Roofing first. We'll inspect the damage and offer a recommendation regarding contacting your insurance company.

We can help even if the insurance
adjuster has already made a decision

It’s best if we can represent you during the initial inspection. However, if your claim was rejected and you think you have a legitimate claim, let us take a look at the damage. If we don’t agree with the adjuster’s investigation, we’ll recommend a second inspection. Rarely will they refuse, but the claim handler may ask for photos of the damage. We’d be happy to take the photos for you and forward them to the decision-maker.

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