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your roofing consultant There was a time when the biggest decision a consumer had to make when buying a new roof was the shingle color. But today's roofing systems have so many new features and options that the choices can be a bit overwhelming.
How do you choose the options that are right for you without paying for more than you really need? That's where we come in.

What to expect when you call 5 Star Roofing

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When you request an estimate from 5 Star Roofing, a consultant will come to your house to determine your roofing needs. To do this, he will start by asking a few questions such as how long do you expect to live in your current residence and what types of problems are you having with your existing roof. For example, you may have a leaking roof or suspect roof damage from a recent storm (click here for more about what to do in case of storm damage).

From there, an inspection will be made of your current roof area. Our goal is to match your roofing needs with your expectations and budget. For example…

You may not need a new roof at all

Modern roofing materials are made to last for many years. If our inspection indicates that your roof is suffering from isolated damage, but the rest of the roof still has years of dependable service left in it, we may recommend just repairing the existing roof.
A simple roof repair can save you thousands of dollars. If your roof leak repair requires us to install new shingles, you'll be glad to know that our wide range of shingle colors from multiple suppliers means you'll get the closest match possible to your existing roof color.
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An important note about landscaping

Regardless of whether we make a small repair or replace your entire roof, 5 Star Roofing is known for taking special care to protect landscaping, including delicate flowers and shrubbery.
Did you know that the average roof replacement includes the removal of over 7,000 pounds of debris? To protect your home and landscaping, 5 Star Roofing will put shields in place to block falling debris. At cleanup time, we thoroughly clean your yard of roofing materials and use powerful magnets to pick up any stray nails.
As a roofing contractor it's our goal to take as much care in removing the old roof as in installing a new one.

Installing a roofing system

Most homes have weaknesses in their roof designs. Difficult areas such as pipes, chimneys, curbs and walls, low slopes, insufficient ventilation, etc. It's those weaknesses that will often cause your roof to leak (those weaknesses may be the reason you are currently looking for a roofer).
Rather than just slapping up shingles, today's trend in roofing is to install complete “roofing systems.” These systems include shingles, leak barriers, roof deck protection, and attic ventilation systems all designed to work together to provide maximum protection and energy efficiency (see image below).
5 Star Roofing will carefully analyze your roof and identify those problems areas. Adding a few roofing system components can greatly extend the life if your roof and protect your home from damage.

Ice and Water Shields

These are part of the roofing system, but we're highlighting them here because they're so important for the Kansas City area.
Ice and water shields, sometimes called weatherguard or weathershield, are underlayments that protect against leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain. In the past, only felt paper was used as an underlayment. However, in areas subject to ice dams, water would backup under the shingles and damage the roof stucture, ceilings, walls and insulation. These new barriers are rubberized to protect against water damage. Many counties and cities now require water-shield barriers. Click here to learn more about ice dams.
Do you have any questions for us? Give us a call to discuss your roofing needs or schedule an estimate.